Cyst Removal

Cyst removal is a common dermatological procedure performed to address various types of cysts that can develop on the skin. Cysts are sac-like structures that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other substances. They may arise for different reasons, including infection, blocked oil glands, or the presence of a foreign body.

What Causes a Cyst?

Clogged pores are often the root cause of cyst, an infected hair follicle or acne maybe to blame. Eventually, the pore gets clogged, dead skin cells become trapped, and form a cyst.

What To Expect From Cyst Removal

Since cyst can burst and cause complications, Our specialist can remove your intact cyst with a minimally-invasive procedure preventing further infections.

Prior to cyst removal, our specialist will provide an anesthetic to the treatment area. We will then remove the cyst and close the incision site. You will be given post-care instructions to ensure a timely recovery.

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